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Elcome Integrated Systems is a premier maritime and defense technology solutions provider. The company is headquartered in Navi Mumbai,
with branches close to seaports and naval bases across the eastern and western coastlines.
Welcome to Elcome

Turnkey solutions provider

Elcome is a leading defense technology and maritime solutions provider in India. The company designs and integrates a broad array of electronic sensors and processing systems for commercial maritime and government projects.  Elcome has participated in many significant defense and commercial projects. The firm has also delivered and commissioned state-of-the-art technology systems including nationwide AIS networks, multi-site VATMS, and VSAT communication systems on 154 Indian Navy vessels.

Elcome Integrated Systems Radar Coastal Surveillance System
Elcome Integrated Systems Ships Fleet
Elcome was founded in 1978

Strong start in maritime industry

Elcome was founded by Mr. Kuldip Singh Grewal, who previously served as an officer in the Indian Navy. He was soon joined by Captain Surender Singh Grewal, who continues on as the Managing Director. The firm’s early work focused on equipment installation and repair services. Following this, Elcome moved into maritime systems design and integration, as well as the research and development of indigenous products. The firm currently earns more than US$ 30 million per year in revenue and employs more than 400 people.

New-build and Retrofit Services

Shipboard solutions

Elcome provides a portfolio of solutions for both merchant and naval fleet operations. These solutions include inertial navigation, communications, safety, weapon systems, and client-requested services. The company provides system design, installation, and systems integration services across its entire portfolio of solutions.

Elcome Integrated Systems IBS INS Bridge Shipboard Solutions
Elcome Integrated Systems VATMS
Defense, Shipyards, and Seaports

Shore-based solutions

Elcome’s shore-based solutions focus on maritime domain awareness. The company provides AIS and VTMIS solutions in addition to radar, sonar, long-range visual, and remote detection systems. Technology solutions for ports and harbors include VTS, maritime weather stations, and flood warning systems.

Indigenous and Offset programs

Make in India

Elcome is proud to participate directly in the national Make In India initiative. The company’s focus on India’s growing maritime industry positions the firm to participate in major commercial, government, naval, and shipbuilding projects. Elcome’s industry-leading Make In India products include self-powered telephones, flood alarm systems, and universal navigation equipment.

Elcome Integrated Systems Support Gyro Service
96% First-visit fix rate

Support at sea and onshore

Elcome is committed to providing the finest equipment repair, system retro-fit, and maintenance services in the industry. Services are provided at sea, in ports and shipyards, and to oil and gas platforms. The company maintains an extensive stock of inventory and spare parts for a wide range of marine equipment and systems. In combination with Elcome’s engineering expertise, a 96% first-visit fix rate has been maintained for many years.

Diverse Services

Multiple market sectors and industries

Elcome’s operations span across India’s defense, military, and maritime industries. On shore, the company provides services and equipment to shipyards, dry docks, and seaports. Offshore, Elcome provides services and equipment to oil & gas platforms, vessels at sea, and within the merchant shipping sector. Defense sector work includes services and equipment for the Indian Navy, Coastguard, Homeland Security, and Government organizations.

Elcome Integrated Systems Market Segments