Make In India - Elcome
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Make In India

Elcome provides distinguished services in support of this vital national program
through R&D, manufacturing, and testing of advanced electronic equipment and systems.
Elcome Integrated Systems Make In India Industrial Manufacturing License
Expanding military and commercial manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing license

In conjunction with the Make In India initiative, Elcome is among the first manufacturers in the country to be awarded an Industrial License for the production of marine, commercial, and military electronics. This license was awarded by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry and authorizes the company to design, manufacture, integrate, upgrade, repair, and overhaul both military and commercial electronics. The manufacturing operation is located within Elcome’s 60,000 sq. ft. industrial facility in Mumbai.

National leader in equipment, systems, and integration

Research, development, and testing

Elcome provides product-related research, development, and testing services that are directly aligned with the Make In India initiative. In-house expertise includes the design and development of integrated hardware and software solutions that feature embedded, GUI-based designs.  The firm designs, manufactures, and repairs equipment systems, printed circuit boards, and modules that are certified to IEC 60945, JSS 55555, and MIL-STDs. Following the R&D and manufacturing processes, Elcome takes all indigenous products through rigorous testing phases, including specialized vibration testing for equipment to be installed in military environments.

NMEA Buffers

This NMEA buffer is a digital signal multiplier and physical layer protocol converter. The DBU accepts RS232 and RS422 input signals then provides signal outputs in the matching RS232 and RS422 standards.

Integrated Bridge Systems

These systems are comprised of multi-function consoles. Each console is capable of receiving and displaying data from navigational sensors including radars, cameras, VDRs, and OBDs. The IBS also integrates CMS, MDA, IPMS, and CCTV systems.

Integrated Bridge System IBS
Elcome Integrated Systems Addressable Flood Alarm System
Addressable Flood Alarm Systems

This system detects the ingress of water at specified locations within a ship. Then, based on pre-set warning levels, sounds an audio-visual alarm. The AFAS self-monitors its processing systems, sensors, and connecting cables.

VHF/HF IP Control

This device permits direct-wired or VSAT link-enabled remote control of VHF/HF radio sets over Internet Protocol. The Remote Control unit provides an interface for the broadcast of radio over Ethernet.

Elcome Integrated Systems VHF HF Control over IP
Universal Navigation Interface Units

These devices interface the ship’s motion sensors (including Gyro, Log, GPS, AIS, and Echo Sounder) to the Ship Motion Control System. The UNIUs can also provide integration to legacy equipment and are installed on every ship of the Indian Navy.

Radar Control and Interface Units

These devices interface radar transceivers to third-party and legacy Radar Processor and Display Systems (such as HITT and Transas). RCIUs are implemented within coastal surveillance systems, ship-borne systems, and vessel traffic service.

Self-Powered Telephones

These devices provide point-to-point and multipoint communication links without the requirement of an external power supply. SPT wall and flush-mount versions are available, as well as accompanying products such as ambient noise-blocking headsets.

IP-based MB/SRE

This VoIP-based system enables ship-wide audio broadcast and voice communication. The MB/SRE provides interconnection with external systems (including audio source interfaces, media devices, and telephone exchanges).

Electronic Plotting Table
Electronic Plotting Tables

This dual-display table plots own-ship and up to fifty manual tracks. Routes and waypoints can be plotted and tracked then compared to voyage history and projected future position. The EPT also includes a man-overboard tracking function.

Weather Stations and Anememoters

This station displays weather parameters including wind speed and direction (both true and relative), humidity, air pressure, air temperature, and cumulative rainfall. This unit is compatible with all contemporary sensors available worldwide.

Elcome Integrated Systems Static Frequency Converter
Static Frequency Converters

This unit is a dual, ten-KVA Static Frequency Converter. The SFC provides the power supply for the Integrated Communication Systems installed onboard India’s Kilo-class Submarines.

Gyro Converters

This interface converts the analog signals of a gyro compass into digital output in the NMEA 0183 format. The GC is capable of accepting multiple inputs (including the synchro, resolver, and serial data protocols) and provides a seven-segment display.

Elcome Integrated Systems Gyro converter