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Elcome provides shipboard and shore-based solutions that integrate cutting-edge technologies into seamless
military and maritime systems. These solutions can include training, on-going support, and annual maintenance contracts.
Elcome delivers turn-key projects

Scalable solutions for maritime and military applications

Elcome provides Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence (C3I) and shipborne solutions from project conceptualization to the completion of the system acceptance. Intermediate steps can include site/ship surveys, technical specifications, system design, implementation, training, and documentation. Project deliverables can include sourcing of equipment from industry-leading manufacturers and the in-house design of customized modules to meet specific system requirements.

Elcome Integrated Systems Scalable Solutions
Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC)

Maritime Rescue Coordination Centers were designed and implemented in Mumbai, Chennai, and Port Blair Island. These MRCCs are central to the Indian Global Marine and Safety System. Elcome’s system integration work included fifteen operator positions, thirty-three VFH/HF/MF radios, and DSC/NAVTEX/NBDP functionality. This solution was delivered in collaboration with Frequentis AG, the leading global supplier of communication and information solutions for safety-crucial applications.

River Information Services (RIS)

The RIS is comprised of shore stations, on-board equipment, and a control room. Information regarding the current position of a ship is obtained using an AIS transponder and the DGPS beacon data. The ship is then guided through the river based on its position, the water current, depth, and tidal movements. Elcome delivered this system integration project on a turnkey basis.

National AIS Network

The National Automatic Identification System solution covers the 7000+ kilometers of India’s coastline. The system includes 128 dual-redundant AIS base stations located at seventy-four sites and a communication network comprised of VSAT, leased lines, and fiber optic cables. The system is integrated VTMS to provide a Common Operating Picture (COP) with AIS target and radar correlation. The NAIS system has been in operation since May 2012 and includes a ten-year Annual Maintenance Contract.

Integrated Machinery Control System (IMCS)

The Integrated Machinery Control System provides a shipboard distributed architecture across a fiber optic gigabit Ethernet network. The data from sensors and actuators is received and transmitted via multiple Retransmission Units (RTUs) which have been distributed over the ship. The system has been realized in collaboration with our technical partner Norris GmbH, for the Advanced OPVs of Indian Coastguard.

Elcome Integrated Systems IMCS IPMS
Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS)

Elcome’s IMO-approved IBS solution integrates navigation equipment and sensors and is implemented on vessels to ensure safe navigation. The solution includes radar and provides access to ECDIS functions from any multi-function display. System functions include centralized navigation data acquisition, route planning, route monitoring, and radar overlay on ECDIS. The Integrated Bridge System is based on advanced software architecture provided by Elcome’s technology partner Raytheon Anschutz GmbH.

Marine VSAT Network

Elcome’s MVSAT provides ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communication with voice, data, and video signal transmission. The network is comprised of Ku and/or C-band three-dimensionally stabilized antenna systems installed on board the vessels. The Below Deck Equipment (BDU) is comprised of modems, routers, and IP-enabled devices. The MVSAT is monitored by a Network Management System. This project was delivered in collaboration with Orbit, an Israel-based company, and Bharat Electronics of India.

Vessel and Air Traffic Management System (VATMS)

Elcome delivered a country-wide, turn-key Vessel and Air Traffic Management System. The components include remote sensor sites for seven sea-based platforms and one land-based site. Twenty-one monitoring centers with country-wide networking are located on offshore platforms as well as onshore civilian, and military sites. Elcome installed and commissioned radar, AIS, VHF, and meteorological stations. Support services include training, warranty support, and a six-year AMC. Elcome’s partner, HITT, provided the Linux-based software and the tracking algorithm.

Advanced Surface Movement Guidance & Control System (A-SMGCS)

Elcome has deployed Terma SCANTER 2001 surface-movement radars in the Mumbai, Kolata, and Chennai airport ATCs.  The Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System interfaces with existing approach radars and flight data-plan systems to identify and track the movement of all aircraft and vehicles.   The system provides ATC operators with increased situational awareness of the runways and taxiways. ATC operators are also enabled with an integrated display that provides real-time updates to surveillance, early conflict detection, and alert conditions.